Manufacturer of bedding and rehabilitation equipment

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KORA is a company with a long traditions,  operating in the  Polish market since 1992.
We currently employ 40 highly-skilled and well-educated employees.
We are a producer  and a distributor of bed linen,  rehabilitation equipment  and sponge products as well.
Our company is  dedicated to providing customers with exceptional customer service and  our mission is to provide customers with  high-quality products at affordable prices. We have successfully accomplished  this assumption as we are the manufacturer of many products offered We have our own production facilities  include machines such as: sewing, embroider and quilting  as well as polyurethane foam grinding machines. Thanks to  our modern production line we are able to   lower the cost of production to a minimum level and  guarantee affordable prices for every customer.

Our current business is mainly focused on creating a comprehensive offer addressed to: hotels, guest houses, resorts and hospitals. We have built long-term cooperation and partner relations with  leading producers of  furniture and  TV sets. That is why  we are able to  fully equip each type hotel complex or lodging place.

We are proud to have Samsung among our partners,  undisputed  leader in the LED and LCD field. Our suppliers are also: Paged -top polish manufacturer of high-quality hotel furniture and Interwidex –producer of comfortable duvets and pillows. Favorable conditions of cooperation with above mentioned companies, allowed  as to get  the best possible prices for their product.  Thanks to that , we were able to  prepare an attractive proposal for all our customers.
Among our products you will find a wide selection of home textiles such as bed linens, comforters, blankets, towels, tea towels, tablecloths and other  necessary equipment.
We  also specialize in production of rehabilitation equipment such as: orthopedic collars, foam  rollers,  anti decubitus medical mattress etc.
Our domain is undoubtedly the production of  polyurethane foam products for both: domestic and industrial use.
We also offer a wide range of services such as: design and  application of embroidery, quilting fabrics and polyurethane foam grinding.
As a fast growing company we make every effort to ensure that the range of products we offer are constantly expanded.  With our private and EU funding we can afford to expand our factories capability and invest in innovative solutions. Years of experience and qualified staff enables us to  tailor to even non-typical customer requirements.  We offer all the standard sizes of products,  remaining open to individual customer needs at the same time.
We  constantly cooperate with many companies not only from Poland but from abroad as well: numerous advertising agencies, institutions, hotels and corporations. Our products are in no way inferior to the European, so expansion into foreign markets was only a matter of time. Looking forward to the new challenges we are staying optimistic about the future. .
We encourage you to acquaint yourself with our offer. Our employees are gladly at Your disposal,  ready to answer any questions and provide information,  so that the  final product will meet even most demanding of your expectations.



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