Manufacturer of bedding and rehabilitation equipment

Języki: PLENRU


Fabric: 99.4% polyester (microfibre), 0.6% carbon fibres
Filling:100% fluffy hollow spiral siliconized polyester fibre (HCS)
Sizes: 135x200 cm, 155x200 cm, 200x220 cm

• during the day we touch hundreds of objects – thus collecting a significant electrostatic charge. This increases the level of stress that we feel.
• at night the ANTI-STRESS duvet helps us to get rid of this strain. It is covered with fabric which contains carbon threads responsible for detecting the hostile charge in our body and dispersing it.* The natural state of balance is restored, one of the stress-inducing factors disappears, and we feel more relaxed when we wake up.
• a very light and soft duvet,
• healthy and safe sleep – an anti-allergic product.

Maintenance: washing in a washing machine in 60°C


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