Manufacturer of bedding and rehabilitation equipment

Języki: PLENRU


Fabric: 55% polyester, 45% cotton (policotton)
Filling: 100% fluffy hollow spiral siliconized polyester fibre (HCS)
Sizes: 135x200 cm, 155x200 cm, 200x220 cm

• Warm, light and fluffy duvet,
• Long-lasting use and durability,
• Excellent quality at a reasonable price,
• Healthy and safe sleep – an anti-allergic product,

Variants of duvets:
1) A universal duvet – single-layer,
2) TERMO duvet – a double-layer, very warm duvet for winter. The two layers are separated with a layer of air,
which additionally increases the insulating values.
3) A summer duvet – a single-layer, light duvet for warm nights
4) “4 Seasons” duvet – a modifiable duvet consisting of 2 duvets of different thickness which can be used

independently (a summer duvet, a spring-autumn duvet) or fastened together to make one very warm winter
Maintenance: washing in a washing machine in 60°C


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