Manufacturer of bedding and rehabilitation equipment

Języki: PLENRU


Fabric: 100% polyester (soft, light microfibre)
Filling: 100% fluffy, durable and soft granulated polyester COMFORT
Sizes: 40x45 cm, 50x60 cm, 70x80 cm

• a soft, fluffy pillow,
• a pattern of stars and moons – glistening somnolently and elegantly,
• a pillow filled with thousands of soft and light polyester balls for a better support of the head and neck, and for the longer durability of the pillow ,
• possibility to regulate the softness of the pillow (a zip in the pillowcase allows to take out or add filling freely).
• you can wash only the pillowcase or the whole pillow,
• healthy and safe sleep – an anti-allergic product.

Maintenance: washing in a washing machine in 60°C. To enjoy the fluffiness of the pillow longer you should beat
it firmly and energetically everyday.


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