Manufacturer of bedding and rehabilitation equipment

Języki: PLENRU


Made of a soft blend of cotton and polyester and amply filed with super soft and light polyester hollow fibre for optimal insulation, these pillows are not only comfortable but also very durable which makes them a perfect choice for hotel and object use.

Cover: 55% polyester, 45% cotton pre-shrinked, calendered, silicon soft shiny finish three layered, quilted: fabric/ thermobounded PES / polyprophylene-nonwoven
Filling: high comfort and durability thanks to super soft fibre balls made of 3D polyester fibre blow-in filling technology assures optimal distribution of filling in the pillows
Finishing: colour: white, ecru, pink, blue corner tape with logo, washing instructions
Care: Washable up to 90 °C, tumble dry


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